Why Do We Do It?

We believe fundamentally that everybody deserves an A-grade cup of coffee at least once in their lifetime. Knowing that coffeehouses offer the ideal opportunity to experience deeper and more meaningful connections, we view coffee as a conduit to open doors to serve more people in a variety of ways. We derive joy from building community and giving people permission to be adventurous.

What makes us different?

We are the only downtown Cumming coffee shop intentional about growing our richness of coffee and community in equal measure. With a healthy reverence for in-person connections, we foster an environment typified by high-level customer care and a deep understanding of craft coffee. We create a safe space for heightened experiences and intimate storytelling to strengthen our communal bonds.

Who Cares?

The craft connoisseur who values quality and experience. The curious consumer interested in an additional level of care in the coffee-buying process. Those underserved or unaware of the disparity in quality due to lack of access to grade-A quality coffee. Those coffee or tea drinkers seeking community and a sense of belonging.

Team Members

Our Management Team

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